Thermal Inkjet Printers (TIJ)

Thermal inkjet technology uses heat instead of piezo crystal, creating an intense heat that vaporizes the ink to create a bubble that expands so rapidly that force ink from the print head to the substrate. They do not have a warmup or cool down cycle, so they're always ready for you to use.

Advantages of TIJ

Maintenance Free

KGK Jet Thermal Ink Jet printers requires minimal maintenance because there is no pump & no moving part only occasional cleaning of print head required.

High Resolution

TIJ delivers high-resolution prints up to 600 DPI. There is no chance of the cartridge leaking, because the ink and print head are housed in the same cartridge.

Cost Effective

KGK Jet use patented HP cartages, our TIJ technology promises error-free prints with maximise uptime and reduce cost.