Thermal Inkjet Printers (TIJ)

Thermal Inkjet Printers (TIJ) are a variety of Industrial Inkjet Printers that use heat instead of a piezzo crystal. Intense heat is created in the head, which vaporises the ink to create a bubble that expands so rapidly to force ink from the print head to the substrate. Thermal printers do not have a warm-up or cool-down cycle. Hence, thermal inkjet printers (also colloquially known as thermal inkjet coders) are always ready for you to use.

What are the Advantages of KGK Jet Thermal Inkjet Printers?

The advantages of KGK Jet Thermal Inkjet Printers are

Maintenance Free

KGK Jet Thermal inkjet printers require minimal maintenance because there is no pump and no moving parts. The print head requires only occasional cleaning.

High Resolution

Thermal printers deliver high-resolution prints of up to 600 DPI with different level adjustments also allowed. There is no chance of the cartridge leaking because the ink and print head are housed in the same cartridge.


KGK Jet uses patented HP cartridges. Our unique TIJ technology for thermal inkjet coders promises error-free prints with maximum uptime and reduced cost when compared with other printers.

Increased Height of the Print

We can achieve an increase in print height by stitching together multiple print heads. The thermal inkjet coder or carton box printer can print character heights upto 49.5 mm height with 4 heads stitched together.

Compact Size and Ergonomic Features

KGK's TIJ printers are rugged in construction, easy to operate and maintain. A 5.7-inch touch-screen panel helps user's input, view and make changes easily to the thermal inkjet printer settings.

We can print upto 49.5mm height with 4 head stitched together. We can use either all the four to print or even single head to print.
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