Tertiary Packaging

Tertiary packaging used to protect goods in transit. This packaging is designed with local conditions and expectations in mind, and barcode printers used must print all the details legibly and correctly.

Function wise, tertiary packaging serves to protect goods in transit. Given the nature of road and rail infrastructure, transport packaging should absorb unintended shocks, impacts or accidents of any kind, as well as protect against humidity and excessive temperatures that may be encountered. To ensure good branding and correct display of vital information, large format printers and Drop on Demand  Printers are used for this application.

KGK's solutions for tertiary packaging

Apart from the protection of manufactured goods, tertiary packaging can have other major functions like

  • Display of the branding
  • Display of Material Handling instructions
  • Enables traceability for forward traceability, backward traceability and recall management

KGK's products help our customers to have easy access to critical information.Both the consumer and trading partner benefit as the information printed is sharp and legible. KGK's large format printers (large character printers) help achieve this easily.

Tertiary packaging plays a vital role in the marketing strategy surrounding the product, and hence the choice of the inkjet batch coding machine is critical. KGK is a leading manufacturer of industrial inkjet printers and inkjet batch coding machines and has a solution for every need and application.

Some of the salient features of our Drop On Demand Printers are

  • We can print on the tertiary packaging with a height of minimum 1 mm to 130 mm with a single head
  • We can have multiple heads to a maximum of 4 stitched to a single controller and can print to a maximum height of 520 mm
  • We can even have full-colour print on the tertiary packaging
  • We can also configure our DOD Printers according to the specific customer needs.

Feel free to contact us for more information, and we will reach out with tailor-made solutions for your needs.