Tertiary Packaging

Tertiary Packaging used to protect goods in transit, this packaging is designed with local conditions and expectations in mind. First and foremost, tertiary packaging must serve to protect goods in transit. Given the nature of road and rail infrastructure, transport packaging should absorb unintended shocks, impacts or accidents of any kind, as well as protect against humidity, excessive temperatures.

Our solutions for tertiary packaging

Apart from protection of manufactured goods, these packaging can be said to have two major functions:

  • Branding
  • Material Handling instructions
  • Enables traceability for Forward traceability, Backward traceability and Recall management

Tertiary packaging plays a vital role in the marketing strategy surrounding the product.

Our products help our customers to have easy access to critical information for both consumer and trading partner, good example would be loyalty program & traceability. Real time attribute visibility for each incoming ingredient and adherence to best practices in recall management. For example, this is especially relevant in the case of Food & Beverages and Pharmaceutical products.