Secondary Packaging

Secondary packaging designates the packaging used to group various pre-packaged (Primary packaging) products together. As secondary packaging is not in direct contact with the actual product, it's use and application usually differ distinctly from those of primary packaging.The secondary packaging materials also vary, and the nature of the substrate offered for printing is different.Industrial Barcode printers and large character printers find a key application here.

Our solutions for secondary packaging

Apart from the protection of manufactured goods, these packaging can be said to have the following major functions:

  • Branding
  • Material Handling instructions
  • Enables traceability including forward traceability, backward traceability and recall management
  • Barcodes for tracking and tracing

Secondary packaging plays a vital role in the marketing strategy surrounding the product, and hence, secondary packaging materials must also be chosen carefully.

Our products help our customers to have easy access to critical information for both consumer and trading partner. This will help in traceability, and one of the common ways ofachieving it is by scanning the barcode print. KGK's industrial barcode printers (also called industrial inkjet printers) help customers to ensure that all data on the secondary packaging is printed legibly and well. We have label printing machines and large character printers, and this allows us to cater to a broad spectrum of industries and applications.

Our speciality inks and proprietary technology in industrial barcode printers helps to give excellent results and ensures good ROI. Are you looking for the perfect choice of large character printers/inkjet coding machines/industrial barcode printers/label printing machines and some expertise in choosing secondary packaging materials? Contact us,and we will get right back!