A compact print inspection system with the affordable price.

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Inkjet Printer with a Solid Stainless Steel Housing.

CCS 2000

A Low-Cost High-Performance Inkjet Printer.

CCS 3000

A Low-Cost High-Performance Inkjet Printer.

CCS 3000L

Fluorine Nozzle Inkjet Printer.

CCS 3100

Stable printing with fluorine nozzle mounted head.


Piezo Ceramic Drive Drop-on-Demand.


It is a high resolution Ink Jet Printer


Letters, bar codes and graphics are printer

HQ 8500

Control up to 4 print heads simultaneously with 1 unit.

HQ 1000

600 dpi High-Quality Inkjet Printer.


A compact print inspection system with the affordable price.


It is full of particular functions



A compact print inspection system with the affordable price.

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Print Inspection System PK100

Easy to see on a large screen

KGK Jet PK100, inspection settings can be displayed on a single 8-inch monitor screen, empowers you just see the device settings at a glance.

Full-scale print inspection with simple operation

On the simple setting screen, it is possible to create inspection settings by actual measurement using a bounding box instead of numerical input. In addition, it's now possible to process terms for images with ease. This makes automatic and quick operation possible.

Installation space saver

Ergonomically designed standalone device, the holding interface is provided on the bottom and side, so various installation methods possible, such as mounting to a camera stand or conveyor frame.

There is no need to install it in the control panel or prepare a separate DC power supply.

In-build storage

up to 10,000 images can be saved. By using it together with a separately generated history file, you can save as many as 1 million images and contributes to the growth of your company's traceability.

Synchronous function

Because it is an inspection device made by an inkjet printer manufacturer, it achieves high compatibility with printers. Using the synchronization function not only saves time and effort for setting operations, but also reduces human errors such as input errors.

Controller / Lighting / Camera

Inspection screen

Simple Operation


Item Details
Number of items to store/td> Up to 20
Number of cameras 1
Characters to inspect Alphanumerical and 30 other characters to store
What to inspect Verification, missing prints, print positioning, print inclination, missing print, missing dots and density
Number of character for inspecting   Up to 20 for each zone (Up to two zones made available) 
Year/month/date/time inspection Corresponding to KGK inkjet printer models
Character allocation system Correspond to KGK inkjet printer models
Number of images to save Up to 60,000 JPEG images
Input/output signals Input: up to 16 and switchable to banning inspection,etc..
Output: up to 12 including  Yes/No, in operation, in processing, no continued operation or alarm,etc..
I/O USB2.0×2, RS-232C×1
Speed  100mm/second for 10 character in an image depending on other conditions  
Power source AC100-240V±10% 50/60Hz 80W
External dimensions 227.9mm(W)×231.2mm(D)×165.5mm(H)
Requiring some 100mm depth space at back for cable connection
Operational environment 5 to 35 Degree CO  to 20  to 80% RH (with no dew condensation)