Print Examiners

Around 2003 KGK Jet started developing Character Inspection Equipment our aim was to develop an inspection system that would leverage us on our know how of ink jet printer manufacturing. KGK jet Print examiners are extremely helpful and a necessary product to check the results of the print.

KGK Jet has in-house developed product, which is capable of recognizing the printed letters and verifying effortlessly. In our quest to develop most user-friendly inspection system, in year 2006 we established Image Recognition System Development Department.

Our PK series print examiner gives a seamless flow to your operations with effortless recognition and verification of the print. It is a highly reliable devise and ensures that the batch flow is unaffected. It is a highly intelligent system with a robust design and outstanding accuracy in function

Large color touch panel allows the operator to easily select parameters. Thus, appropriate level of precision can be selected, while a strict definition inspection can also be carried out.

Advantages of Checker

KGK Jet print examiner and printer enables automatic synchronization among start/stop/switch over by product or changing to printing lines. This saves time and prevent incorrect input during production time. Most suitable for high-speed, long-term & non-stop operation.