Personal Care

Personal Care manufacturers have vast range of products starting from elite cosmetics to daily use products. The challenge gets tougher with enormous use of different substrate for products. In addition, due to growth in retail industry there are equal need for wide range of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary in various sizes and materials for branding to manage significant presence in the growing market.

Most of the manufacturers are producing high volume products in different applications like HDPE and PP Jar or bottle and jars, metal containers, mono carton boxes, aluminium or PP tubes and corrugated boxes. At KGK Jet India, we understand the challenges of managing different variable data on various packaging and provide proven and reliable quality coding on different substrates.

We are providing high quality printing solution with variable data matrix. We ensure our customers has freedom to selecting accurate coding applied for right location on product.

KGK Jet India ensures increased productivity with reduce cost of packaging and enhance your brand presence in the market.

Primary Packaging Solution

Secondary Packaging Solution

Tertiary Packaging Solution