Inks & Consumables for industrial inkjet printers

The factor in deciding which ink to use as an industrial inkjet printer ink has always been related to the surface or material in which it needs printing. The surface will determine if wetting occurs, how much of the fluid is absorbed, and how the ink dries. As a premier industrial inkjet printer manufacturing company, KGK also manufacturers various types of inks, including ink for printing, edible inks, ink materials, UV ink and stealth ink, among others. We are counted among the leading inkjet ink manufacturers. For a CIJ printer to give excellent output and print quality, the ink quality is very important.

At KGK Jet we perform rigorous testing to deliver the best industrial inkjet printer ink mapped to the purpose of use to customers. Such tests include but are not limited to

  • Adhesion test
  • High and low temperature
  • Moisture test

KGK Jet has developed its own ink materials in response to the various needs of the market. In addition to regular inks, we also developed UV Ink, Stealth Inks and Edible Inks for printing directly onto foodstuffs like eggshells and fruits and tablets. These have found numerous industrial applications and have made us a leading industrial inkjet printer manufacturer in India.

Printing usually happens on two kinds of surfaces and the ink is tailored appropriately to suite the application. KGK has an excellent R&D team who deliver enduring solutions and ensure that the ink boonds well with the substrate while also not drying too quickly in the printhead, thereby causing maintenance issue.

The surfaces on which CIJ printers print are

Porous Material

In porous materials, the ink smudges directly into the substrate and hence, they do not need a quick-drying solution. However, challenges here include irregular use and emphasis on printhead readability. Even after prolonged ideal time, the first print is expected to be good. For this reason, low-maintenance, reliable inks are formulated by R&D team so that customers in this area get the best print right from the first run.

Non-Porous Material

Methyl Ethyl Ketone based inks are recommended for non-porous surface applications as they offer higher levels of flexibility and better adhesion. MEK-based inks are suitable for both CIJ and DoD technology and are also UV protected. They are quick to dry and can be used for high-speed applications including in beverage plants, among others.

Speciality Inks