Inkjet Printer with a Solid Stainless Steel Housing.

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Our CIJ printers has boosted confidence of many a customer on the reliability and cost effectiveness owing to the patented Nozzle Capping Technology, where in the Ink,& Solvent (make- up) consumption is considerably lower and the uptime is very high.



Inkjet Printer with a Solid Stainless Steel Housing.

CCS 2000

A Low-Cost High-Performance Inkjet Printer.

CCS 3000

A Low-Cost High-Performance Inkjet Printer.

CCS 3000L

Fluorine Nozzle Inkjet Printer.

CCS 3100

Stable printing with fluorine nozzle mounted head.


Piezo Ceramic Drive Drop-on-Demand.


It is a high resolution Ink Jet Printer


Letters, bar codes and graphics are printer

HQ 8500

Control up to 4 print heads simultaneously with 1 unit.

HQ 1000

600 dpi High-Quality Inkjet Printer.


A compact print inspection system with the affordable price.


It is full of particular functions



Inkjet Printer with a Solid Stainless Steel Housing.

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Continuous Inkjet Printer CCS-R

The CCS-R is a compact continuous inkjet printer (CIJ printer). It is extremely versatile because it can print on a wide variety of substrates of different shapes. It can be operated in various environmental conditions because of the stainlesssteel body andnumeric keypad. A comprehensive coding machine, it is useful to achieve clear and crisp batch coding of products, among other functions.

KGK also has high speed inkjet printers for different applications based on the customer need.

Stainless steel body

The coding machine is robust, durable and offers long-term value because of thestainless steel body.

Simple operation

Features a full character keypad for easy use

Print even in small spaces with the compact print head

Print characters from 40 micron to 60 microns (from 0.08mm onwards). Print details on objects of different shapes, including batch coding and other details.

High speed industrial inkjet printers are also available for different applications in our product portfolio.
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Item CCS-R
Printing system Continuous
Corresponding nozzles 40µm / 50µm / 60µm
Character height 0.8-5mm (40-µm nozzle), 1-10mm (50-µm nozzle), 2-10mm (60-µm nozzle)
The highest printing speed
( 5x5 dot fonts and 1character between)
2666 (40-µm nozzle)
2041(50‐µm nozzle)
1780(60‐µm nozzle)
Printing objects Metal, glass, plastic, film, rubber, etc.
Ink Dye: black, red, blue, and fluorescence (stealth)
* Since we have exclusive various inks in stock, please consult.
Number of printed stages and the dot
configuration example (length × width)
[1~4stages] 5×5
[1~3stages] 7×5, 7×8
[1~2stages] 9×7, 9×9, 10×8, 12×10
[1stages] 16×12, 16×16, 24×18, 24×24
Message registration characters number Maximum of 512 characters
Font Mincho, Gothic font
Character type Alphabet (upper case/lower case), numbers, symbols, Japanese hiragana, katakana,
kanji (JIS class 1and 2), Simplified Chinese (GB2312), the user characters
Date time (expiration date)
Printing function
Chritian year, traditional Japanese calender year, year/month/day, day of the week,
time (12 / 24H format), Julian date, serial week number in a year, early/middle/
late period of the month (variable period setting), AM / PM, character assignment
function (to assign year, month, day, hour, minute, second to a number of 1digit of
other characters.
Numbering function Up to 8 digits, any initial value setting, up / down, carry of digit
(can be set to 1 count in the work number from 1 to 9999),
zero suppression function (replacing the zero of the high-order digits with space),
numbering character assignment function (can assign to non-numeric characters).
Bar code printing function ITF, Code39, NW-7, JAN, Code128
Message registration number Maximum of 50 message
Communication function RS-232C 1CH maximum 76,800bps
Head cable length 3.5m
Use environment (temperature, humidity) 0-40°C (it changes with ink types), 10 to 85% (however, non-condensing)
Power supply For 100V: AC100V 50/60Hz 60W (80VA) Grounded type 2 poles plug cap
For 220V: AC220V 50/60Hz 70W (100VA) GB specification plug cap
For 230V: AC230V 50/60Hz 70W (100VA)
The source of dry air
(For the air purges in the print head)
For the air purges in the print head
Fit tube shape: o6mm or 8mm
Air source pressure: 0.8Mpa or less (air ventilation set included with the unit)
Air flow rate: less than 10L / Min
Installation area (width x depth x height) Main part: 400Wx300Dx674H (excluding projection)
Head: 40Wx199Dx40H
Mass 30Kg
Ground D type grounding