Piezo Ceramic Drive Drop-on-Demand.

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Piezo driven Drop-on-Demand technology for printing characters height from 2mm to 108mm are ideal for porous material such as Secondary carton coading application



Inkjet Printer with a Solid Stainless Steel Housing.

CCS 2000

A Low-Cost High-Performance Inkjet Printer.

CCS 3000

A Low-Cost High-Performance Inkjet Printer.

CCS 3000L

Fluorine Nozzle Inkjet Printer.

CCS 3100

Stable printing with fluorine nozzle mounted head.


Piezo Ceramic Drive Drop-on-Demand.


It is a high resolution Ink Jet Printer


Letters, bar codes and graphics are printer

HQ 8500

Control up to 4 print heads simultaneously with 1 unit.

HQ 1000

600 dpi High-Quality Inkjet Printer.


A compact print inspection system with the affordable price.


It is full of particular functions



Piezo Ceramic Drive Drop-on-Demand.

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Inkjet Printer HQC

The HQC are advanced inkjet printers and are especially used to print characters from 2mm to 25mm using the Piezo-ceramics driven technology for maximum efficiency. The head reservoir and the main body are separated thereby giving flexibility in operations. Data copy between devises and external backup is also possible. Further, operation and set-up is extremely easy.

Light, compact body for simple, easy operation.

Easily attached to a production line. Can be easily operated by anyone.

Includes a variety of functions despite its low price.

Can print numberings, automatic calendars, and expiration dates. Backup your data by connecting to a computer. Copy data between devices with communication cables.

Features our in-house developed print head.

By using our own print head and ink, we also offer reliable after-sales service.


Item HQC
Printing system Piezo ceramics drive on demand.
Maximum supported line speed 200m / min (concentration 1) ~ 31m / min (concentration of 9)
Nozzle arrangement 32 nozzles, 2 holes / nozzle
Ink ejection direction Horizontal
Character height 2~20mm, 25.4mm(when vertical)
Number of heads 1
Ink type Black: CK RED: CK
Work detection Phototube (head fixing type external type)
Number of printintable stages 1 stages (32×32dot), 2 steges (16×16dot)
Number of recorded messages 30messages
Number of recorded characters per message. 48characters
Character type Alphabet (upper case / lower case), numbers, symbols, Japanese hiragana, katakana,
kanji(48characters), User recorded characters (customer recorded 180 characters
selected arbitrarily, before shipment).
Character font Gothic font (16 dot font bold, fine print selectable).
Date Time (expiry date) Printing function Year (Western / Japanese calendar), month, day, hour (12/24, minute),
free format, offset value can be set, calendar character allocation function.
Numbering function Max.of 8 digits, (up/down), repeat, increment value setting, zero suppression
Bar code printing function Improper
Figure Improper
External interface I / O: 3 points (preparation ready / low ink / alarming)
RS-232C: data backup and restoration, only usable for software version up
Use environment (temperature, humidity) 5-35°C, 10-80% (however, non-condensing)
Power supply Less than AC100V
Ground D type grounding