600 dpi High-Quality Inkjet Printer.

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Inkjet Printer with a Solid Stainless Steel Housing.

CCS 2000

A Low-Cost High-Performance Inkjet Printer.

CCS 3000

A Low-Cost High-Performance Inkjet Printer.

CCS 3000L

Fluorine Nozzle Inkjet Printer.

CCS 3100

Stable printing with fluorine nozzle mounted head.


Piezo Ceramic Drive Drop-on-Demand.


It is a high resolution Ink Jet Printer


Letters, bar codes and graphics are printer

HQ 8500

Control up to 4 print heads simultaneously with 1 unit.

HQ 1000

600 dpi High-Quality Inkjet Printer.


A compact print inspection system with the affordable price.


It is full of particular functions



Control up to 4 print heads simultaneously with 1 unit.

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Inkjet Printer HQ-1000

The HQ 1000 is an advanced inkjet printer using the latest Japanese technology. It is highly versatile in operations and customers can easily install and adjust by themselves without any support from company personnel. Print clarity is high and external data back-up is possible. Print height of 12.5mm can be achieved by this printer.

Uses an ink cartridge with integrated 300-dot 600 dpi nozzle.

In addition to dates and lot numbers, it can print QR codes, data matrices, and barcodes clearly.

Change the cartridge with a single touch.

Changing cartridges is extremely easy.

Uses a 5.7-inch full color touch panel.

Simple operation with easy-to-use screen layout.


Item HQ-1000
Printing system Thermal type on demand
Maximum supported line speed 30m/minute (at 600dpi)
Nozzle arrangement 300-dot 600dpi
Ink ejection direction Horizontal, downward
Character height Maximum 12.7mm
Number of heads 1
Ink type Black:TK403
Work detection Photoelectric sensor
Work detection Photoelectric sensor
Number of printintable stages 4 stages (maximum)
Number of recorded messages 1000 messages (maximum)
Number of recorded modules per message. 32 modules (maximum)
Number of recorded characters per module. 256 characters (maximum) (for text module)
Character type Alphabet (upper case/lower case), numbers, symbols, Japanese hiragana, katakana,
kanji (JIS class 1and 2)
Character font True type fonts (Gothic, Mincho)
Date Time (expiry date) Printing function Chritian year, traditional Japanese calender year, year/month/day,
day of the week, time (12/24H format)
Numbering function Max.of 10 digits, (up/down), repeat, increment value setting, zero suppression
Bar code printing function ITF, Code39, NW-7, JAN, Code128
Two dimensional code printing function QR Code, data matrix, PDF417
Graphic Reading from a 2 value BMP file
External interface USB memory, parallel output
Use environment (temperature, humidity) 5-35°C, 10-80% (however, non-condensing)
Power supply Less than AC100V