Edible Oil

The increasing awareness of food safety and healthy lifestyle practices, Indian consumers are already shifting from traditional "loose oil" sold at local grocery stores, to packaged oils. This trend has led to the packaged segment of edible oils to grow at 2.5 times the rate of overall edible oil consumption in India.

Edible oil packaging in order to prevent contamination, damage and accommodate required labelling as laid down by FSSAI. Only Food grade packaging materials for longer shelf life should be used. Packaging materials like aluminium, tin and plastic should be used as per the BIS standards as mentioned under the FSS Regulations, along with variable data like "Date Of Manufacturing, Expiry, Batch Number, Lot Number, MRP, 1D Bar code,2D Barcode".

Edible oil while packaging has few challenges like the work environment print get smudged and erase, maintain the quality printing for track and traceability and meet the consumers goal, this ink which dries quickly and if in contact with oil should not fade.

Our CIJ Coding solution with high quality inks for different substrate, we also has food grade ink for special applications. KGK Jet India offers easy to maintain with minimalistic cost per print.

Primary Packaging Solution

Secondary Packaging Solution

Tertiary Packaging Solution