Drop on Demand Printers (DOD)

Piezo driven Drop-on-Demand technology for printing characters height from 2mm to 200mm (with 4 heads) are ideal for porous material such as Secondary carton coading application, KGK Jet utilises Piezo Drop on Demand technology (DOD) for consistently high quality upto 600 DPI results ideal for Large character printing.

This is applied to ink jet printers that print relatively large characters on package boxes. The quick dry ink hardens easily because the ink is always on the nozzle. Due to this slow dry ink is used for these printers.

Advantages of Drop-On-Demand Printers

KGK jet software let DOD printer to direct the head to release droplets only on Demand. Using high precision micro-processing technology developed by our Print Head Department enable printers to create extremely fine droplet sizes which translate to high resolution prints. Additionally, the high nozzle density due to the creation of droplets via pressure allows compact devices.

The height of the characters can be changed based on the mounting angle of the print head and the input settings. To maximizes the operational efficiency, our printers are capable of controlling 4 heads with a single controller.

Traditional water based ink often causes unsatisfactory print quality when printer resumes printing even after pause for few minutes, resulting in production & ink loss.Our Ink Development Department created unique inks in response to various needs of the market. Customers can choose from wide variety of ink without nozzle blockingand delivers high resolution prints from first print to the last.Ink development has been made with personal safety in mind