Drop on Demand Printers (DOD)

KGK's drop on demand printer (DOD printer) works on the piezoelectric technology and can print character height ranging from 1 mm to 130 mm using a single head and a height of 520 mm with 4 heads stitched together. Commonly called a carton box printer, corrugated box printer or large character inkjet printer, the KGK DOD printer is an industry leader in this segment. Our parent company KGK Jet Japan enjoys 80% market share in the DOD printer segment in Japan.

The DOD printer is ideal for printing on porous materials such as secondary and tertiarycartons. The use of piezo drop on demand printer technology helps achieve high-quality printing of up to 600 DPI and can find ideal use as a large character inkjet printer. Our high-end models of industrial inkjet printers can be completely customised as per specific needs and requirements.

What are the Advantages of KGK Drop-On-Demand Printers?

The main advantages of KGK DOD printers are

High Resolution in Print

The main advantage of a KGK DOD printer is the high resolution and clarity in printwith 600 DPI. The KGK Jet software lets the Drop On Demand Printer to direct the head to release droplets only on demand. Use of the high precision micro-processing technology developed inhouse by KGK Jet enable printers to create extremely fine droplet sizes. Compact devise size is achieved due to high nozzle density and droplets are discharged at high pressure.

This makes the KGK Jet DOD printer an excellent high resolution printer.

Based on the customer requirements on the height to be printed, a suitable head can be selected. As cases require, heads can be stitched together to achieve different heights.A maximum of 520 mm height can be achieved.


Traditional water-based ink often causes unsatisfactory print quality when printer resumes printing even after pausing for a few minutes. This results in production and ink loss. KGK's in-house Ink Development innovates to create unique inks in response to various needs of the market. Customers can choose from a wide variety of carton box printer inks (Oil based inks) which do not block the nozzle and thus achieve high-resolution prints from the first print to the last run.

Compact Size and Ergonomic Features

KGK's DOD printers are compact in size and ergonomic to operate. The unique touch panel helps users to input data and make changes easily.

The high-end models of KGK DOD Printers can be custom made and designed per the specific customer needs and requirements.
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