Dairy business it's been established for the harvesting of milk for human consumption. In our busy day to day life dairy foods are an important source of nutrients. As world has a manufacturing revolution and the dairy industry came into being, in order to reduce the human work load, with processed and packaged milk products like Milk, Butter, Ghee, Cheese, Cream, Ice cream, Yoghurt, etc.

Dairy production is concerned, humid and wet production environments coupled with short product shelf-life creates pressure for packaging operation. And addition to that fact packaging design are changing like Pet Bottle, Tetra Pack, HDPE, Rigid and flexible plastics, mono carton boxes, and the need to include more information in term of coding and marking, and it's become even more complex.

Our continues ink jet printer is a reliable solution for this industry, that ensure crisp and high resolution codes in various substrate, along with our high quality food grade edible ink. Our smart print head design such a way where closer print head proximity to angled dairy packages. And print should be visible, legible, with good contrast, sharpness as well as should withstand the rub, tape and freeze test.

Primary Packaging Solution

Secondary Packaging Solution

Tertiary Packaging Solution