Continuous Ink Jet Printers (CIJ)

Our CIJ printers has boosted confidence of many a customer on the reliability and cost effectiveness owing to the patented Nozzle Capping Technology, where in the Ink,& Solvent (make- up) consumption is considerably lower and the uptime is very high. As a "technology-based company," we are continuously endeavoring to refine our high-precision, micro-processing and liquid drop formation technologies.

What is Nozzle Capping Technology?
In CIJ printing the Gutter collects the uncharged ink droplets. At KGK Jet Patented Nozzle Capping Technology automatically close the nozzle with gutter if the printer is not in use and the ink collected by gutter send to main tank for reuse resulting in significant saving for our customers. Whenever the production line is ready Gutter will change the position to its original location to perform Continuous Ink jet printing.

Principle - Nozzle Capping Technology?

How my customer benefits.
Our patented Nozzle Capping Technology consumes very less Ink & solvent, moreover our machine need less than a minute to start.With saving in Ink, Solvent and faster uptime our customers can operate for more man hours.

Service Management System (SMS)
Service Management System SMS is inbuilt diagnostic a value-added feature of machine. KGK is committed to the reliability of machine, running cost, timely Preventive Maintenance & uptime of machine in which SMS play an important role…..

More Details

Nozzle Capping Technology
KGK Jet Continuous Inkjet Printers use Nozzle capping technology to cap the ink nozzle if batch coding printer is not in use. This prevents ink and solvent getting exposed to external environment. Dried and contaminated fluids can cause print nozzle blocking on the MRP Printing Machine.

Benefits of Nozzle Capping Technology
Other automatic batch coding machines face frequent nozzle blocking. They need to clean or rinse the print-head regularly, resulting in loss of ink and solvent as well as production.
KGK Jet Continuous Inkjet Printing Machines powered with Nozzle Capping Technology, maintain consistent ink viscosity, faster stop/start and delivers most economical batch coding.

Scheduler: Unique timed Auto Start & Stop Feature
Designed to start the Batch Coding Machine immediately even if Batch Coding machine is not operated for very long time. The customer just needs to keep the power supply ON for the KGK Jet Industrial Inkjet Printer. As per set schedule time, machine will start automatically and calibrate parameters like fluid viscosity & ink delivery systems. No service engineer visit is required resulting in longer up time for the PVC Pipe Coding Machine.

Unique Print-Hard Nozzle Size
KGK Jet Continuous Inkjet Printing machines are equipped with 40µm / 50µm / 60µm Nozzle as compared to higher nozzle calibre available in the market. This unique offering reduces wastage of ink and solvent as well as deliver sharper and accurate batch coding.

Stable batch coding even in humid and dusty environment

New print-head design (P-type) for high-speed & legible bar coding. Also equipped with Fluorine coated nozzle, which protect print-head from contamination. Positive air pressure inside the print-head of the continuous inkjet printer, keeps dust and humidity out, resulting in no contamination of head and ink of the batch coding machine. Operators need not clean print-head before every start & stop of the Industrial Inkjet Printers.

Extended language support & connectivity
Language support for both software & hardware including English, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Italian, German, Spanish, Iranian & Turkish.
Simple & convenient to integrate with on-line or off-line check-weigher batch coding machine of any brand through RS-232, TCP/IP(LAN) with the support of weighing machine suppliers for the continuous inkjet printers.

Unique diaphragm pump advantage
KGK Jet use diaphragm pump to generate pressure of delivery system. Diaphragm pump are 97% efficient and considered more reliable over geared pump.
These pumps generate no heat due to friction and provide stable ink composition for KGK Jet Industrial Inkjet Printers, also minimal evaporation of ink & solvent resulting in more savings on use of KGK Jet Batch Coding Printers.