Chocolate and Candy

As per The Standards of Weights & Measures Act, Govt. of India the Chocolate and Candy are packed in various substrate like Paper and board, Plastic, Aluminium, Glass, Tinplate, Laminates (Plastic & Paper). Need clear printing of Manufacturing Date, Expiry Date and the MRP needs to be printed so that it does not cause health issues to the consumers and also it safeguards the manufacturer also.

KGK Jet understand what it takes to make exceptional chocolate and candy packaging. From individually wrapped candies to bulk chocolate, stand up pouches or your favourite cookies, we provide a solution to print/code the data on primary secondary and tertiary packages with the details that are statutory.

The print should be visible, legible, with good contrast and sharpness. We have variety of dye, pigment and food grade inks for different types of packages.

Primary Packaging Solution

Secondary Packaging Solution

Tertiary Packaging Solution