Beverage Industry

Industrial Inkjet MRP Barcoding, Batch number & expiry date is mandatory for beverages. This coding helps retailers as well as customers during their purchase. KGK Jet IP65 industrial ink Jet machine delivers high speed coding with storage of large amount of data (required for multiple products) even under high moisture environment.

Using KGK Continuous Inkjet Printing Machine customers can control 16 machines in multiple production line from one master machine (Single master multiple slave configuration). The flowless communication wired or wireless can be controlled from supervisor laptop using KGK special software. Window based user interface allows quick & error free operations. With touch of a button customer experience host of other advantages like queuing next print, Real time update, Customised report, password protection, email reports. This saves operation time and delivers fast &accurate error free coding.

KGK Jet Continuous Inkjet Printers are compact and KGK Jet provides compatible ink for Tetra pack, shrink wrap, PET, Glass or aluminium substrates. Customers can print batch code on product, shipping box as well as shrink wrap for traceability. Simple & convenient integration into your existing business systems such as ERP.

Service Management System (SMS) an inbuilt diagnostic tool, and value-added feature of KGK Jet PVC Pipe Printing Machine. SMS delivers timely Preventive Maintenance & uptime of machine with zero production loss. SMS play key role towards nonstop production environment.

For ease of operations KGK Barcode Printing Machine support multiple languages like English, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Italian, German, Spanish, Iranian & Turkish. Customers can conveniently select the desired language and use virtual keyboard for selected language.

Design for high-speed coding KGK P-type print-head, equipped with Fluorine coated nozzle, which protect print-head from frequent contamination. Thus, permits operators to concentrate on production rather cleaning print-head of the industrial inkjet printer.

KGK Jet Continuous Inkjet Printing machines are equipped with 40µm / 50µm / 60µm Nozzle as compared to higher nozzle calibre available in the market. This delivers sharper, accurate and most economic batch coding.

KGK Jet has developed specialized quick dry inks for substrates like Metal, PET, PVC, HDPE, PP and other plastics. Our inks are Bureau of Indian Standards (IS-15495) compliance "ink for printing on food packaging" free from harmful chemicals.

Sampling and Aging management:
Amalgamation of KGK 50 years of customer delight and industry knowledge paved way for KGK Jet India. We understand the importance of non-stop production, any mistakes in operation can set companies back and take substantial capital to fix. As per KGK standard process before suggesting solution to customer, we will always test the customer substrate based on customer requirements.

For instance, if customer is looking for high speed coding directly on products which will have high expose to sunlight, dust or temperature variations before being sold in retail. A dedicated sample test facility at KGK jet India backed by coding experts will perform various test to understand & suggest the most compatible & economical solution for customer. This practice helps customers see the right coding achieved even before machine purchase.

We at KGK jet believe every customer requirement is unique, which need customised solution. Before every dispatch KGK jet machine goes through process of testing with particular selected ink & solvent. After satisfactory results before dispatch, machine goes through various wash to avoid possible ink clogging during final installation at the customer place. KGK Jet India takes pride in our process & heritage to provide error free coding always.

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