Automobile Industry

An automobile has thousands of components with unique part number, date of manufacturing and OEM details. This helps the automobile manufacturer to monitor the assembly before being fitted together, as well as backtrack and rectify the faulty components.

Also, entire coding should be clear, legible & quick-dry despite all these components will be exposed to dust and oil for long time. KGK Jet batch coding machine is most cost effective with versatile ink for various substrates like metal, ceramic, plastic and cardboard.

KGK jet inks are available in various colours like black, white, yellow, red green blue and fluorescent ink (Invisible Ink). Stealth ink is an invisible ink that cannot be seen with the naked eye.  You can only see the coding using specific wavelength of light.

KGK Jet Barcoding Printing machine print-head can be mounted to a Traversing system that move the print head in both the X and Y axis to print batch code or manufacturing date across multiple lanes of products. This cost-effective traversing system significantly reduces manual operations, increases operating profit margins, and reduces downtime on your online manufacturing. We can even switch over with two different messages while printing on two different lines like Company Logo Barcode.

KGK Jet Industrial Inkjet Printing manufacturer has developed specialized quick dry inks for substrates like Metal, PET, PVC, HDPE, PP and other plastics. KGK Jet Continuous Inkjet Printing machines are equipped with 40µm / 50µm / 60µm Nozzle as compared to higher nozzle calibre available in the market. This delivers sharper, accurate and most economic batch coding.

Sampling and Aging management:
Amalgamation of KGK 50 years of customer delight and industry knowledge paved way for KGK Jet India. We understand the importance of non-stop production, any mistakes in operation can set companies back and take substantial capital to fix. As per KGK standard process before suggesting solution to customer, we will always test the customer substrate based on customer requirements.

For instance, if customer is looking for high speed coding directly on products which will have high expose to sunlight, dust or temperature variations before being sold in retail. A dedicated sample test facility at KGK jet India backed by coding experts will perform various test to understand & suggest the most compatible & economical solution for customer. This practice helps customers see the right coding achieved even before machine purchase.

We at KGK jet believe every customer requirement is unique, which need customised solution. Before every dispatch KGK jet machine goes through process of testing with particular selected ink & solvent. After satisfactory results before dispatch, machine goes through various wash to avoid possible ink clogging during final installation at the customer place. KGK Jet India takes pride in our process & heritage to provide error free coding always.

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