History of KGK Jet


KGK Jet India Pvt. Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary of KGK Jet, Japan established on 1st October, 2013. To serve our customers swiftly our head office and factory located in Chennai, and strategically located regional offices in Delhi, Mumbai & Kolkata. Our highly qualified sales & service engineer's presence at various locations boost customer's confidence.

KGK Jet India brings you product basket that would be a reliable aid to the printing needs in the industrial scenario in India. We have state-of-the-art ink jet printers for CIJ, DOD and TIJ technologies, as well as our owned researched print examiners range for fast, reliable and accurate performances.

Our ink development department is in endeavours to development of unique inks in response to the various needs of the market. In addition to regular inks, we have developed UV Ink, Stealth Inks, and Edible inks for printing characters directly onto foodstuffs like eggshells and fruit, and tablet Inks for printing characters onto medicinal tablets.


We thrive in being responsive to the changing times


New Challenges

Initial production of metal nanoparticles for both wet and dry processes, as well as inkjet ink utilizing metal nanoparticles was a huge success. Subsequently we started testing in the area of Printed Electronics, developing our inkjet system to mould wiring and electronic circuits. Furthermore, we plan to offer total inkjet systems to match the great variety of customer demands; everything from the trial manufacturing of various metal nanoparticle inks to graphing systems adequate for all cases.

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Global Operations

KGK jet India has a wide network of distributors and business offices spread over the globe which helps in operating and reaching to our global customers. has its wings spread over more than 20 countries.